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Tycho / on Fri, Jun 14 2002 at 5:08 am

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Nostalgia Week Continues

After Wednesday’s Wonder Twins adventures, we thought we’d do more comics that would be incomprehensible to half our readers.  Evidence of the phenomenon seen in today’s strip - and I don’t mean the phenomenon where Gabe implies I might be a girl - is ubiquitous, unless you don’t watch movies or read comics or play with toys or see anything at all ever.  It was the new He-Man in particular that started our conversation about it, but there’s another big Transformers push as well, along with other stuff I’m sure.  I don’t even have to look, I know it’s there.  For everything else we used to like, it’s only a matter of time.  It’s a shame that their vile (but welcome!) machinations are limited only to toys and other merchandise, as it might be nice to recoup my optimism and potential while they’re fucking around in the eighties.  I mean, if they are taking requests, Marie from Bible Camp was pretty rad.  Just see what you can do, I guess.

Our stuff from Videogame Depot is supposed to arrive along a very short timeline, and I hope to not string you along this time and actually write the things I said I was going to.  It should help that I actually chose my games for this shipment, and it would be hard not to look forward to these - I mean, listen.  To hear IGN tell it, this new Castlevania for the GBA I’ve got coming ain’t bad at all.  I could see at E3 that visibility was much improved in this second offering, but the expo really isn’t the best place to actually play a game and I set it back down.  Apparently menus are in English, but inventory items and conversations are still in Japanese - I’ll let you know how much that actually gets in the way.  Gabe called my other game an “earthquake sim,” or whatever, but if a something isn’t on the Neo-Geo he sort of zones out most of the time.  He might try to deny that, but he’ll stop denying it in mid-sentence and kinda stare off into space, and it might be fifteen minutes or more before he comes all the way back.  Zettai Zetsumei Toshi piqued my curiosity when I heard about it on The GIA so long ago, so pointing you to their spiritual successor in order to get more information seems somehow appropriate.  In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, it sounds like we’re in for “survival horror” - plenty of puzzles, and an ominous, disintegrating urban environment as your enemy.  I can’t wait.

A couple months ago, I made it clear that MC Frontalot was the official rapper of Penny Arcade, to single him out among all the other rap artists we are apparently affiliated with.  He sent a mail inquiring as to what exactly that post entails, and I told him that being one’s official rapper is much like being a Poet Laureate, only a good deal more funky.  His duties would include breaking it down on occasion, busting and/or kicking it, in addition to knowing what time it is.  He seemed keen to the concept, and we thought that perhaps a Penny Arcade Theme Song would be a fitting venue for his unchecked flavour.  Then, I forgot all about it - until I saw a thinly veiled reference to it at his site, which has me all aflutter.  I don’t really have an ETA or anything. I haven’t even talked to him about it.  I’m just, you know, excited.  I am in a state of Woo.

Hey, you’ve seen it, let’s all look at it again:  I love it when guys screw around with their consoles, make them portable, put a bunch of them in one box, give them wood panelling.  This guy has, with with fell magicks, fused a GBA and that LCD screen they make for the PSOne into an unholy and unnatural marriage.  Which I’m basically fine with.

(CW)TB out.

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