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Gabe / on Fri, Sep 20 2002 at 9:44 am


Wow, the response to Starcraft: Ghost has been pretty insane. I took some time this morning and visited a few message boards just to get a feel for what people thought of Blizzards latest title. It seems that an overwhelming number of you guys are pretty pissed off. I have seen links to no less than three different petitions asking Blizzard to make a PC version with robust online support. I can understand how all you PC gamers might be upset over Blizzards announcement but I for one couldn’t be happier. If you have any questions about why I might be uninterested in a PC version of Ghost Just take a look at this quote from one of the many angry threads out there on this subject:

“if you honestly think 1 game is going to increase console sales you’re an idiot. i’m not going to buy a console under any circumstance. if they came out with the game on pc i would’ve bought it, but oh well. hopefully they’ll make up for the loss by becoming a 10 minute fad for teenage console kiddies.”

Oh if only Ghost was a PC title with multiplayer support, then I could play it with this fucking winner. You want to know what the worst part about Blizzards past games has been? PC gamers. That’s right, it’s you petition signing sons of bitches that have ruined every other Blizzard game I have ever played. The thought of enjoying a well designed and masterfully produced Blizzard creation on my favorite console is just shy of erotic. No whiny bitches complaining about a huntress rush. No junior high school kids using hacks to kick my ass while calling me a n00b. No, just me and my console of choice playing through a well thought out single player campaign set in the thrilling Starcraft universe.  I’ll go a step further and say I hope that Blizzard decides not to include online support for their console versions.  If I want to play a tactical shooter on a console while someone relates a wild tale of sexual debauchery with my mother, I’ll play SOCOM. If Blizzard simply must include some kind of multiplayer experience I hope they limit it to a split screen mode. At least that way I can choose the assholes I want to play with from my own stable of friends.

-Gabe out

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