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Tycho / on Mon, Sep 3 2018 at 10:01 am

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Bring The Heat

It’s always a novel experience to wake up on Monday and remember that a news post is required.

A lot has happened!  Holy shit.  Uh…  Let’s see.  We announced our Magic: The Gathering show, The Magic Hour in the fleeting moments before last night’s Acquisitions Incorporated game.  That felt novel, also.  It’s gonna be a real weird show and I hope that’s alright.  I’ll get the trailer up for you when it hits the channel; I think this one made it to the show on a jump drive.

If you’re looking to catch last night’s Acquisitions Incorporated, featuring our good friends Patrick Rothfuss and Holly Conrad, look no further: we’ve got you right here with the Twitch VOD.  We cut them all out later, but you’ll find the AI game at or around the 7:23 mark; I think it might be prefaced by the Magic trailer in-line…?  What happens in the theater for the video feed isn’t always one to one on Twitch.  I can’t really check it because I am in a hotel chock full of nerds and a nerd is a creature who subsists largely on wireless fi.  I would describe the current level of service as “porous” if not “wholly imaginary.”  If you see this post at all, know that a miracle occurred this day.

If you were with us in person, or in spirit, you know that Gabe - which is to say, Jim - has been the recipient of a fairly substantial costume upgrade from Dani Hartell.  Here’s our group shot after the game, taken by the inimitable Dabe Alan:

The strip we did for Saturday’s Make A Strip panel, also known as Today’s Strip, makes reference to the very real heat generated by the outfit and also includes an actual quote by Kara.

Just a couple more panels to go!  Then I’m going to find meat and eat it until I pass out.  And I’m not particular about the meat.

(CW)TB out.

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